Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The dismal tide...

A few weeks ago, my husband cunningly suckered me into watching a movie that I had passed on for a year. One of his favorites, that proves how vastly far apart and never to meet, are our movie tastes.
I love old movies. I love musicals. I love romantic comedies. And lastly, and weirdly enough since I abhor sports, movies about baseball.
On occasion, he will beg to the point of me giving in, to watch one of "his" movies. Saving Private Ryan, Mystic River (ugh!), and most recently, the sucker punch of all sucker punches: No Country for Old Men (double, triple and quadruple UGH!)
A movie set in the early 80's in West Texas, about as dismal a setting as you can find, and about a maniacal and conscience-deprived killer. He kills without much thought and most times devoid of purpose, and with not a second thought to what he did.
Yeah. My kind of movie, honey!
Now, based on my movie tastes, you may be asking how he so cunningly got me to watch this movie! Well, he is doing a project for his doctoral studies. It is centered on culture and views in movies. We have talked about nihilism, naturalism, relativism, and alot of other 'isms. It has proven to be an excellent springboard for discussing our culture and our relevance. I myself have learned alot. Way to go, honey! Good call on this one!
But wait, what movie did he pick first?!?!?!? None other than No Country for Old Men! It was so hard for me to watch that movie and not complain. But I did it. Begrudgingly. And I did not enjoy it. It left me feeling pretty morose for about a week. I lay awake that night and couldn't get the senseless killings out of my head.
But then, something interesting happened. I began to really listen to my husband quoting the movie. And the quotes actually made sense. And were very, very relevant to the way I feel about our country and the way things are going right now.
As I sit here, I am coming off the heels of reading about the 4th state to legalize gay marriage. And my heart takes a dive. Then God's sovereignty, the string to my crazy, wind-driven kite, reminds me that He is in control. And our world has been heading this way since...well, since the Fall. These are not new things. They are just new to me. And they are a reminder that I am not of this world. I am to be salt, which flavors, but also can hurt the tongue. And light, which brings hope, but can also hurt the eyes that are not used to it.
So, to quote the movie "...it is not the one thing, (gay marriage, abortion, insert disturbing event here,...) it is the dismal tide."
Basically, we can't get so wrapped up in every thing individually and worry about it. It is part of something that God has known would happen, and is allowing to happen. And our job in this world as part of the Kingdom, as sons and daughters of the King, has not changed. And it will not change. We are still to bring salt and light, now matter how hard it may get.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke


  1. marriage has nothing to do with god, and I don't think that all of the potential gods would be against it, if asked. It's a celebration of love and shouldn't be restricted. How would two married people living together far away from you effect you in any way. I'm assuming you don't know any homosexuals personally, so I feel a person in your shoes would be the least effected by the states decision to allow or disallow same sex marriages. Homosexuals will be homosexuals no matter what you try and deprive them of, what are the benefits of not allowing them to take an action. It seems selfish and ignorant. We have already gone through these civil rights battles, you are going to be the grandmother that grandchildren are afraid to bring their "different" friends around because you might say something of bad taste. you will embarrass future generations of you with your ignorance and self righteousness. You are the dismal tide.

  2. This dismal tide is not afraid of posting your comment. Would you give me the same courtesy if I commented on your blog?

  3. You are a very confused and delusional woman who is allowing hatred to blind her from God's true love - that of unconditional acceptance and support. We will only find true peace in this world when your kind either chooses to see truth or dies off. Unfortunately it will probably be the latter. Thank God for the younger generations who will show the error of your ways.

  4. There is no hatred in this post. There is a recognition of right and wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant. Natural law dictates that. God does not condone homosexuality. If you read His word, in it's entirety, you would see that Jesus taught that it was wrong. But just like other sin, it all separates us from a relationship with God. Unless we acknowledge our sin and inability to have that relationship with God apart from Christ, then we are all "lost". I am sorry that you cannot allow me to have a different opinion from you without labeling me as hateful. There is intolerance no matter where you look, and you are being intolerant of me because I refuse to go along with your point of view. That is hypocritical. I do not say I am perfect. On the contrary, I am quite sinful. Without recognizing that fact, I could not be free from the consequences of my sin. Read Romans, and study it. Then you will understand. In the meantime, I rest in God's love, and offer that same love to whomever would want it, homosexual, thief, liar, gossip, and just plain sinner. It all is an abomination to God. Just because I have not committed them all doesn't mean I am not just as guilty as the next person. "For ALL have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God", Romans 3:23, and "there is none righteous, NO NOT ONE", Romans 3:10.